Amazing Chase

Working as one large team or a group of smaller teams, participants race to complete a series of physical and mental challenges relying on teamwork, strategy, problem solving, safety and creativity to achieve the best results. We based these experiences on the structures of popular television races, going one step further than simple fun, to draw out links to the business world.

At PCFL we know that people learn best when the learning is engaging and enjoyable.  We see opportunity to learn in active team building events such as "the Amazing Chase" by intentionally designing the activity to draw out aspects of team functioning and interpersonal relationships.  We  include time at the end of the activity to ask the group to reflect upon their time together and what insights they can bring back to their workplace to enhance performance.  This is an important aspect of the activity that will add value and lasting impact.

Participants are generally divided into smaller working teams and given a set of instructions and a map of where the various challenges are located.  Teams that complete the most challenges, with the "best" results will gain the most points.  When designing this activity, we will work with our clients to define what "best" results look like in the context of what is important to the team during the activity.  Linking the challenges and results produced to an organization's values, or stated goals can lead to interesting insights into how success is defined for the team and/or organization.  Teams may have to trade time for quality or consider whether small team success is to be put aside to achieve greater results for the larger organization.

The Amazing Chase requires a large, relatively flat area, preferably outdoors.  With enough indoor space available (such as large conference centre rooms) we can also provide this activity indoors.  Challenges are a combination of physical and mental tasks, and participants of all fitness levels will be able to participate.  Group size can vary from 10 to 200+.