Y Leadership

y leadership group Oct 2013YLeadership is a foundational leadership development program created to allow the next generation of leaders to thrive as they meet the many challenges and opportunities of the 21st century.

Held twice a year in Banff, Y Leadership offers young leaders (and potential leaders) the opportunity to better understand their leadership strength and styles, and build on their capacity to engage and lead others.  It’s designed with a hands-on approach and with the intent of building a cohort of peer learners for on-going development.

By participating in this course, individuals will gain:

  • A better understanding of personal leadership style and strengths
  • Experience working in a high performance team setting
  • Hands-on experience giving and receiving feedback for improved performance.
  • Establishment of a community of peers and learning network for continued and sustained learning.

To learn more about this professional development opportunity, visit our Y Leadership website.

"A very unconventional program that will challenge you as well as make you more aware of yourself and your strengths."
-March 2016 participant

“I had an enjoyable weekend, making new friends and learning a lot about myself and leadership. I will be using many of the skills I  have learned in my workplace.”
-Fall 2014 participant

“This Y Leadership program really developed my confidence, as well as challenged my perceived notions of ‘Leadership’. Having a chance to meet and engage with new leaders, all with varying skills & strengths, of my own age/generation was an invaluable experience.
  -Fall 2011 participant