Two Day Sample Agenda

Leading Within:

One of the key components of leading others is to first understand yourself as a leader. Hands-on exercises, a self-discovery tool, and peer feedback will provide the opportunity to better understand your strengths as a leader and how to use your skills to build engagement and enthusiasm with your colleagues.

This course will help participants:

  • Discover more about their leadership attributes
  • Explore how leadership is important to you and your organization
  • Consider how the environment at your workplace offers unique leadership opportunities and challenges
  • Be challenged to try new ways of being a leader
  • Meet other emerging leaders for continued learning and support
Day One / Morning:


  • Introduction to learning through experience – theory, practice, reflection, application to workplace
  • Participant objectives

Leadership Assumptions

  • How to lead without a being a capital "L" Leader
  • Generational differences in leadership
  • "We"dership — a new understandings of leadership

Who am I as a Leader?

  • Your strengths, values, and interests
  • Personal Leadership Inventory
  • Areas for development
Day One / Afternoon:

Leadership in Action – Learning through Experience

  • Experiential challenges (indoors and outdoors) and debrief sessions
  • Feedback and observations

Reflection and Observation

  • Key insights from the day, connecting to the workplace
Day Two / Morning:

Leadership : What is Called For?

  •  "The Art Of Facilitation" — communication skills to help you lead every day

Leadership in Action:  Alignment

  • Experiential activity and debrief to identify what it takes to create alignment within your team or organization
Day Two / Afternoon:

Leadership Initiatives

  • Work in small groups to develop strategies that address your current leadership challenges at work
  • Group discussion


  • Learn model for giving and receiving feedback
  • Small group feedback session

Action Planning

  • Creation of Learning Partnerships and Commitments
  • A 30-day-later follow-up