One Day Sample Agenda

Leading People Through Change:

Accepting change and the ability to adapt are important leadership strengths. Understanding the stages of change and your own personal reactions to new ideas and processes will help you build capacity as a leader in order to lead others through a change initiative.

This course will help participants:

  • Increase awareness of their personal leadership strengths
  • Learn more about they react to change
  • Gain insight into how their behaviours influence your team’s ability to be successful in accepting change
  • Identify ways to build commitment to and enthusiasm for change.



  • Introduction to learning through experience: theory, practice, reflection, application to workplace
  • Participant objectives

Response to Change

  • Change: Setting the context
  • Personal responses to change
  • Understand stages of change and implications in the workplace
  • Personal Change Inventory

Change in Action

  • An experiential activity and debrief session designed to explore personal and organizational response to change



Leading People through Change

  • Building commitment
  • Identify best practices – what works

Review, Reflection & Action Planning

  • Key insights from the day, connecting to the workplace
  • Next steps – application to specific challenges in the workplace