Leadership Development

Leadership Development

Leadership Development can generally be defined as activities or actions which enhance the quality of leadership of an individual or organization. At Pacific Center for Leadership, we take leadership development seriously, understanding that leaders are at the core of any successful team and organization.  We understand that leaders are found across an organization, not just in the top tier or designated by title.

Our methods for developing leaders recognize that learning needs to be delivered through a variety of techniques that allow leaders to try on new ways of being and stretch out of established patterns. We allow for the creation of new situations so that leaders can develop new skills and experience, leading through uncertainty and under pressure. And we help leaders gain insight and understanding of themselves – the first step in being a leader of others.

Many of our clients recognize the power of our unique approach to personal and team development and bring us in for longer programs with a broader scope. In these fuller leadership development engagements, we use tools, activities and conversations that progressively deepen participants’ understanding of themselves, their teams and their organizations.

These programs can run up to five days, and often see teams come back for multiple custom programs over the course of a year to ensure maximum return on investment. We can tailor our sessions to fit within the framework of an organizations’ leadership development plans, aligning with core competencies and stated values.

Organizations that do not have formal leadership development programs in house find this service especially useful, effectively bringing us in as partners in leadership development initiatives. We work collaboratively to design programs that directly embrace the strategy, values and culture of an organization. We then help leaders build core competencies to be successful within that environment.