Facilitation Exchange Fall 2015 Sessions

Join us for another (mini!) round of Facilitation Exchange - an opportunity to share processes and knowledge amongst a group of innovative practitioners in order to deepen the impact of our work. Facilitation Exchange is a community of practice for emerging and seasoned facilitators interested in deepening the impact of their work by drawing from collaborative inquiry and aesthetic processes. The intention of the Facilitation Exchange is to share and explore ideas and practices of group facilitation at the operational, design and strategic levels. The open sessions will focus the practical application of techniques for large and small groups.

Facilitation Exchange is a partnership of the Pacific Center for Leadership; Plan:NetLimited; and Lougheed Leadership at The Banff Centre. All sessions are open invitations; they will be hosted both in Banff and in Calgary, and will run 6:30 – 8:30 p.m.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015 The Banff Centre, Kinnear Centre for Creativity and Innovation Room 105 6:30~8:30 pm

The Future ComingKen Cameron & Russell Stratton

The Future Is Coming is an ideal way to develop forecasting skills and enhance creative problem-solving skills. In this workshop a custom-designed card deck developed by Ken Cameron and Russell Stratton (and inspired by a facilitation exchange session lead  last year by Brian Woodward) randomly generates potential future states that teach universal truths while allowing your team to tackle real-world challenges specific to a client's business.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015 Calgary, Plan:Net office Suite 201-1225a Kensington Road NW   6:30~8:30 pm (double header!)

Image Streaming -Tony Esteves

Based on the work of Dr. Win Wenger, get taken on a journey inside to utilize your own unconscious mind to come up with innovative solutions to whatever problem you would like to explore. Image Streaming is very much like dreaming while you are awake and then making sense of the imagery that surfaces. Participants will work in pairs to freely explore their problem statement using their unconscious minds and then will analyze the imagery to make sense of it all.  It is a productive, insightful problem solving method.

Canada 300 - Infrastructure Brian Woodward

Canada 300 was an ambitious country-wide project to engage Canadians in discussions about the future of Canada. The project was based on using theatre as the means of sparking conversation in audiences in 22 cities across Canada in the winter of 2015. This talk is simply a presentation of the role of facilitation at various levels and at various time throughout the project from the initial design through to execution.

Call for Winter 2016 Submissions!

If you have a topic, learning module or facilitation technique you would like to further explore and develop, in an interactive, workshop setting, this is your invitation to send in your submissions. Sessions will take place on Wednesday evenings in Banff and in Calgary, 6:30-8:30 p.m.    Please send in a short description of your session, along with your preferred location (Banff or Calgary), to Charlotte Johnson.

Submission deadline: January 18, 2016. Space is limited- submissions selected may be subject to availability of dates and venues