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Facilitation Team
Katrina Donald 
Katrina has worked with Pacific Center for Leadership for over 12 years and first came to the Bow Valley for a visit in 1983, and finally decided to call it home in 2007. She is passionate and curious about the outdoors, her work, and her community. She received a Bachelor of Arts in 2003, a Masters Certificate in Organization Development in 2012, and the Registered Professional Recruiter  designation in 2013. To date she has visited more than 30 countries, most memorably a 42-day canoe trip in Northern Manitoba, snowboarding in the Pyrenees, surfing in Costa Rica, and long wanders around Tuscany. Katrina’s volunteering highlights include being a museum attendant at The Marion and Ed Vickar Jewish Museum of Western Canada, and two months in the Lower Ninth Ward  of New Orleans, Louisiana, doing relief work after that community was ravaged by a hurricane bearing her name, and she continues to volunteer her time in the Banff community as a board member and facilitator for the Banff Ideas Bank. She has been a server, a retail manager, a project accountant, a free-lance writer, a researcher and designer of arts- and nature-based leadership development programming, and now works in human resources recruiting brilliant and talented employees for  the largest arts and creativity incubator on the planet.
Colin has worked with Pacific Center for Leadership for over 20 years and is the founder and Director of Corporate Funk - a leadership development organization with a special focus on creativity and innovation. He is a seasoned facilitator and program designer in the area of creativity and leadership development. He has spent the last 20 years working as a facilitator , director and theatre producer throughout western Canada. Since 1989. he has led the creation of the unique leadership development initiatives that bring together the arts, ecology and business though the medium of Theatre. Colin has also held a number of positions at The Banff Centre including Creative Program Director of The Banff Centre’ Leadership Learning Lab.
Colin Funk