Y Leadership
Y Leadership
YLeadership is a foundational leadership development program created to allow the next generation of leaders to thrive as they meet the many challenges and opportunities of the 21st century. Held twice a year in Banff, Y Leadership offers young leaders (and potential leaders) the opportunity to better understand their leadership strength and styles, and build on their capacity to engage and lead others. It’s designed with a hands-on approach and with the intent of building a cohort of peer learners for on-going development.  
During the program participants will:
•Discover new ways to develop skills, knowledge and enthusiasm (on and    off- line) to build engagement and collaboration among colleagues 
•Explore “why” leadership matters to you, your   organizations and social networks 
• Be challenged- through experiential learning activities and reflective practices
Key outcomes of this
program include:
•A better understanding of personal leadership style and strengths
•Experience working in a high performance team setting
•Hands-on experience giving and receiving feedback for improved performance.
•Establishment of a community of peers and learning network for continued   and sustained learning.
•Navigate the shifting role of leadership in virtual and real (non-virtual) environments.
This program is for you if you are:
•Wanting to further explore your leadership potential through a variety of   interactive, intentionally-designed learning experiences.
•A young professional that is hungry for an extraordinary development opportunity.
•An emerging leader with a desire to share and learn within a group of peers.