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This past August we had the opportunity of working with a long standing client at the Crossing at Ghost River. Our work with this team focused on understanding individual strengths and building a balanced team. The book and inventory Strengths Based Leadership by Tom Rath and Barry Conchie provided the content spine upon which the two day program was based.  Participants respond really positively to the premise that investing in what we do well and working with team members with differing strengths will lead to a more successful work environment and better results.  
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 Y- Generation and                        up coming talk 
 Upcoming  courses and workshops  
Leading in the Middle  offered by Leadership Development, The Banff Centre February 23-28,2014 Co-facilitated by PCfL’s senior facilitators Geoff Powter, Colin Funk and Kathi Irvine. Leaders  will be inspired to expand beyond their defined areas of influence to connect more intentionally for greater impact across their organizations. More info.
 Yleadership at The Banff YWCA  April  25-27, 2014  Aimed at leaders aged 23-32 years, who are interested in discovering more about their leadership strengths and connecting with other young leaders in their community.
Foundations of Meeting Facilitation Spring 2014 A day of facilitation best practices, providing tools and processes for anyone who chairs meetings, communicates with staff, or presents to clients. More info.
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hearing from you
At PCfL we’re always committed to ensuring that our programs are designed with — and for — you. We want to hear your thoughts about your experiences with us, about what caught your attention in this newsletter, and what else you’d like to see PCfL doing now and in the future.                                               contact us If you have any thoughts about what you’ve seen here, or would like to get more information on these or any other programs, please head to our website, or call or email Marianne Wasch or Mike Shaw at the office (403-678-2230 or toll-free 1-800-661-9400).
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 Personality  Inventories
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   Strengths Based Leadership
Facilitation Exchange  Nights will start up again February 2014, with bi- weekly sessions exploring tools, ideas and concepts of leadership. Held in Banff and Calgary. Contact us to be added to our invite list.
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 October had a cohort of 15 participants at the Banff YWCA taking part in our Y Leadership program ( Consisting of young leaders from private, public and not for profit organizations in the Bow Valley, it was a weekend rich in exploring leadership and building new networks.   Here’s what one participant wrote: To share their experiences and knowledge about working with the Y -and other- generations, YLeadership facilitators Katrina Donald and Kim Bater will be presenting at the Canmore Business and Tourism Learn @ Lunch on January 28th.  Their topic is Working with Multiple Generations In the Workplace, with a focus on understanding differing values and how to best draw on these values to create an engaging and productive work place. For more information – and to attend. 
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“Your present circumstances don't determine where you can go; they merely determine where you start.”                                    Nido Qubein
With the support of The Banff Centre and PlanNet Ltd, we hosted our Facilitation Exchange evenings from October to December.  We explored a number of different facilitation techniques through various mediums including the outdoors, music, and design.  Along with being a space to try out new works, we’ve benefited from growing our network of leadership practitioners.  Thanks to all those coming from Calgary – and beyond – to participate with us and bring your knowledge forward.  Our series will continue, beginning again in February 2014.  If you are interested in joining us, email to let us know.
PCFL facilitator Colin Funk recently returned from Athens Greece, after presenting a paper at an international conference with the theme of “Making Sense of Death & Dying.”  The conference was hosted by Inter-disciplinary-net an organization based out of the UK.  The gathering brought together presenters from 12 different countries: academics; artists; and medical professionals.  The paper – co-authored with Brian Woodword -  highlighted a number of creative dialogue techniques  (originally developed at the Banff Centre Leadership Lab with Motus O Dance) to help individuals and groups make sense of personal and organizational challenges.   Later in December, Colin facilitated a half day presentation of the work entitled “Moving Stories” with Motus O Dance and sponsored by the Kalein Hospice Centre in Nelson, BC.
With a growing number of clients looking to combine our experiential learning practices with content delivery for multiday programming, we’re continually expanding our repertoire of assessments and psychometric tools.  Some of the tools we’ve used this past year include Strengths Based Leadership assessment, Myers Briggs Type Inventory, Strength Deployment Inventory, Style Matters Conflict Style Inventory, Team Assessment by the Table Group, FourSight: Your Thinking Profile, and Leading Constant Change Assessment.  We’ve developed a methodology for animating tools with active learning to make the theory more grounded in how it applies to people and more “sticky”.  Let us know if you’d like to explore how this can be done with your team.
Forbes list of great books -
Building Strength
12 great book recommendations from a Wharton professor- (3 examples below)
 In 2014 may the journey along the route to the summit be as rewarding as the peak itself.       
First Nations
After having been at the heart of Pacific Center for Leadership for many years, we often get inquires about how Barb Hertell and Christo Grayling are doing.  Christo recently sent us a link to a film produced by Patagonia, featuring himself, and his beloved… Worn Wear:, Christo’s part starts at 2:40 minutes in.      
Some things are just not what they appear to be. Like this street painting.
Dufourspitize, Switzerland - Bryce Shaw - 2013
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Through The Banff Centre we worked with students participating in Project NOWE (Nakoda Outdoor Wilderness Education).  PCfL facilitators Colin Funk and Rob Turner spent an afternoon enabling the students to complete a high ropes course challenge.  Through coaching and peer support these students show they are capable of achieving stretch goals.
 Living Strong 
Read more on the NOWE blog
Moving Stories
“The best part was the sense of community that as created.  I feel I now have a whole network of support to help me with my leadership challenges…It’s great!”
Our work also took us to Southern Alberta, where the effects of the floods from June linger in the landscape and in the lives of many.  While working with member representatives from some of the First Nations communities affected, it’s clear that the flood has added much complexity.  And during our session, aided by tools like Visual Explorer and story-telling, it became evident that the need to share resources and knowledge has also brought about cohesion and collaboration amongst groups who often work independent of each other.  It was encouraging to see how creating the space to tell stories assisted this community understanding how they were more unified than they perceived.
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