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Leadership Lens: Leadership Lens utilizes the medium of the visual and photographic arts to examine and express the concepts of team and leadership. Individuals and teams will move through a series of tasks, selecting and then composing images.  The results illuminate and can better articulate nuances around a shared understanding of the current strengths of a team and/or a desired state or vision. A great addition to planning sessions, new team development, or better understanding your organization’s value proposition.
Strategic Challange: This indoor/outdoor challenge highlights the value of leveraging the diverse strengths and resources within an organization. Effective planning and the need to establish a well developed, yet flexible strategy come to the forefront.  This highly complex and fun activity helps prepare teams to succeed in a world of constant change and ambiguity.   
Team Challenges:   Our engaging creative team problem solving challenges assist participants in developing a greater understanding of how they and their team members can become even more effective. Teams communicate to share and develop ideas, make decisions, and creatively solve challenges in an environment of fun and exploration.
Powerful Connections: Meaningful Introductions: Personal connection can accelerate trust within a team, as well as help align team members to purpose and vision.  By using a number unique and creative time-tested introduction activities participants will be better able to cultivate meaningful relations and connections, up, down and across boundaries, and gain confidence in communication and personal presence.  
The facilities and spectacular natural setting of The Crossing at Ghost River provide the ideal setting for our engaging, dynamic sessions. Go beyond “just fun” to gain lasting insights which build team trust, collaboration and improve results.  We are experts at customizing the experience for your team and your objectives. Call us to talk about exploring these OR other options.
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Team Building & Facilitation with Pacific Center for Leadership @ The Crossing at Ghost River
Programming options
Add value and opportunity to your meetings and conferences by engaging our professional facilitation team to provide: o engaging interactive keynote presentations o creative introductory exercises - which build personal connections and participant engagement o professional facilitation services Call us to find out how we can work with you to design the best meeting for your group- small or large- to add interest, enthusiasm and insight. Your team deserves the best!
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Personality Type Inventories : The Strength Deployment Inventory, Myers Briggs Type Indicator and DiSC are assessment tools that provide an understanding of what motivates you and what motivates others. Teams that have a good grounding in understanding each other are able to navigate through conflict more quickly and able to assign responsibilities according to areas of strength. The results are better relationships and better results. PCFL uses these tools in combination with experiential learning activities as an effective way of putting the theory into action. It also allows team members to learn more about each other and partake in a positive shared experience, building morale and commitment.  
Ropes Course:  Our High Ropes course assists participants to build trust in themselves and their team members while experiencing the powerful relationship between trust, risk and results. These challenges give participants the opportunity to step outside their comfort zone and into exciting possibilities and unrealized potential. Using a group belay safety system allows everyone a critical role to play,even if they choose not to go off the ground. The high ropes course is located offsite,  a half hour drive away.
For more information: To learn more about Pacific Center for Leadership's team and leadership development sessions, please visit our main website at or call us at 800-661-9400 or 403-678-2230
Fireside Conversations: Linking to the natural surroundings at The Crossing, our professional interpreters and experienced keynote speakers will captivate your group with a conversation on topics such as risk, resilience and change.  Explored through metaphors and examples from nature, participants will be encouraged to better understand how their perception of events and outside influences directly affects their work and personal life. 
3 - 4 hours
3 - 4 hours
2 - 3 hours
3 - 4 hours
1 - 2 hours
3 - 4 hours
3 - 4 hours
Using the super-structure of popular televised races and competitions we have designed an engaging team challenge that can be adapted to fit any group’s desired physical and mental capacities. Working as either one large team, or as competitive small teams, participants race to complete a series of physical and thinking activities, relying on team work, strategy, safety and resourcefulness to achieve the best results!
Amazing Chase:
2 - 3 hours
For teams looking to add another dimension to their team development session,  consider exploring themes of communication and motivation by working with highly trained search and rescue dogs.  Dogs are free from hidden agendas, career ambitions, and are not influenced by office politics.  What matters is clear, consistent direction and reward for task completion.  Like our human counterparts, each dog has a different set of skills and preferences; it’s the leader’s task to figure out how to best motivate and put talents to best use. Through a series of controlled exercises, the themes of motivation, communication and authority are explored. All of the dogs used in this session are highly trained and socialized. They each come with their own dog handler, who ensures control and safety at all times.  Participants are not required or expected to touch or approach the dogs unless they want to; it’s much like bringing an outside consultant to your workplace.
Corporate K9- Developing Teams with dogs:
3 - 4 hours