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Team Development Programs:

Half day to One day Agenda:

Set the Context:

  • outline purpose and objectives,
  • Introduce the learning process, establish guidelines,
  • expectations and concerns

Customized Outdoor Experiential Activity

Experiential activity and debrief session based on your objectives. We will design a program that meets the needs of your team from the following options:

Feedback and observation for team members

Debrief: Making it work

  • a structured process to identify key insights and application to the workplace

Half to One Day Program Description

Our highly interactive and engaging programs begin by setting the context and introducing the learning process. Teams then move quickly into an exciting customized indoor or outdoor experiential activity (link) designed to highlight the value of teamwork, collaboration, creativity and personal leadership. During these activities teams have an opportunity to experiment with and practice clear communication, decision making and risk taking; all essential ingredients to creating outstanding results. The program concludes with a structured process to identify key insights and application to the workplace. Whether it’s in the classroom or outdoors you can be sure your team will have fun and a memorable experience to propel them forward.


Multi-day Team Development Programs:
Two day, Three day and Five days

Our intensive two, three and five day custom designed programs are an artful blend of challenging outdoor experiential activities and classroom sessions that create opportunities for in depth exploration of team and personal effectiveness.

Over the years we have become well known for our ability to design exciting programs that hit the mark, helping move teams forward. These residential off site retreats quickly bring teams to new levels of understanding with clarity and focus.

We coach teams to communicate effectively. We help to identify barriers and filters that get in the way of results and we introduce tools for effective communication.

Personality inventories, on-line team assessment tools, and structured processes for giving and receiving feedback further enhance the team’s understanding and appreciation of each other and their contributions.

For new teams or those who need to re-focus, a structured session designed to set vision and clarify values will help teams determine what is important and where they need to direct attention.

Our multi day team development programs ensure that teams are well positioned to move forward with clearly identified action steps and measures for successes. We help teams design and commit to structures for learning and development that are realistic and meaningful.

Teams head back to work energized, focused and committed.


For more information give us a call: 1-800-661-9400

@ Pacific Center for Leadership
Canmore, Alberta, Canada
near Banff National Park in the Canadian Rockies