Team Development

Team development with Pacific Center for Leadership takes groups one step further than our team building activities into a longer, more focused day of conversations and activity.

In collaboration with our clients we design a session of content supported by hands on experiences to ensure participants understand core concepts and have a chance to see the theory in action. Typically longer than our team building activities, team development sessions are one to three days in length.

To allow participants the opportunity to better understand their strengths and contributions to their team, we use a number of personality-type inventories and/or team assessments to provide information and a common starting point for all. Based on the premise that a better understanding of your own behavioral preferences and underlying motivations will enable you to work more effectively with your team members, these tools allow participants to better articulate their natural strengths and show how diversity adds to overall team effectiveness.

Along with assessment tools, we have developed materials to explore common themes essential to team performance: communication, change and transition, navigating conflict and building trust. We typically explore these themes through presentation of a current model or framework, followed by group discussion and other active learning methods.

After the presentation of materials or a discussion of a concept, we usually move into an experiential learning activity, encouraging participants to be aware of the behaviors they choose and suggesting alternatives in order to shift patterns and open up new ways of working together.

This is an excellent opportunity for insight and reflection. Our professional facilitators lead a debrief conversation after each activity and encourage the team to relate the experience back to their functioning in the workplace. Individual commitments and follow up steps are opening shared, increasing accountability to themselves and their team members.

Following is a list of tools we commonly use during our team development sessions. Our facilitators are licensed to deliver these inventories, and have created ways to animate the subject matter. We ensure these sessions are positively focused with the emphasis on how all types and preferences are essential to team success.  If your organization uses another tool, or if you have previously completed an assessment and are interested in building off of the knowledge your team already has, we are happy to incorporate existing materials into our work with you.

Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI)

The Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)

The PCFL High Performance Team Indicator ™

Foursight – The Breakthrough Thinking Profile

Style Matters: The Kraybill Conflict Styles Inventory