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The Foundations of Facilitation Series
The Foundations of  Facilitation Series
Pacific Center for Leadership has long been recognized for our ability to lead teams to deep, powerful conversations and design session debriefs to create lasting impact. We’re pleased to offer facilitators of all levels the chance to learn from our experienced team.  Our Foundations of Facilitation Series offers a sequence of skill- development programs designed for anyone interested in deepening their facilitation capacities. The series consists of three workshops: meeting facilitation, process facilitation and creative facilitation, moving from introductory skills to more complex and in-depth processes. Each of these workshops combines theory and core content with practical, hand-on learning exercises.
Led by Pacific Center for Leadership’s senior facilitator, Geoff Powter, this workshop combines classroom content with ample opportunity to practice skills, both in peer groups and directly with Geoff. For novice facilitators looking to learn basic skills, and facilitators with some experience seeking to refresh their essential facilitation tools: o HR Practitioners o Team Leads o Project Managers o Supervisors o Department Heads After attending this one-day course, participants will be able to lead meetings with greater confidence, skill and flair, and will be able to facilitate small group activities and discussions. Learning Foundations: Understanding the difference between Content and Process facilitation Understanding the basics of running productive and engaging meetings, including the roles of facilitators and participants, the realities of facilitator neutrality, and basic rules of order Understanding what gets in the way of a good meeting — getting off track; hidden agendas; problems with power Navigating the space between discussion, delegation and democracy — learning when and how to take charge, and when to let others have control Learning simple tools and tricks for energizing dull meetings Start Time: 9:00am on first day Finish Time: 4:00pm Location: Banff/Canmore area.  Program Investment: $250.00 + GST per participant (includes lunch)
Led by Pacific Center for Leadership senior facilitators, this workshop involves a generous amount of peer group interaction and hands-on facilitation practice, along with guidance and feedback. For intermediate and experienced facilitators looking to more deeply ground their understanding of the forces that make facilitation work: o HR Practitioners o Project Managers o Department Heads o Consultants After this two-day course, participants will be able to understand the dynamics of larger, more complex and more conflicted groups, and will have the tools to enliven and open up stuck gatherings. Learning Foundations: Understanding the difference between Content and Process facilitation Recognizing different styles of learning and gaining valuable insight as to how people learn and integrate new knowledge Dealing with conflict with confidence, focusing on effective negotiation and solution finding Managing group and power dynamics, both amongst the group and with you as facilitator Recognizing and managing overt and covert resistance Developing the art of asking questions in the spirit of exploration and curiosity Drawing out final comments and closing a conversation with poise Start Time: 9:00 am each morning End Time: 4:00pm each afternoon Program Investment: $800.00 + GST per participant (includes lunch) Dates and location to be determined.
Featuring the creative facilitation team of Colin Funk and Kim Bater this workshop offers participants the opportunity to learn and practice a wide range of techniques, tools and artistic processes. For experienced facilitators looking for ways to add greater depth and inspiration to their work,  through the use of alternative facilitation mediums, especially from the creative arts. o HR Practitioners o Learning and Development practitioners o Consultants  After this two- day course, participants will acquire a broad range of creative tools and processes to expand their facilitation techniques, repertoire and impact. Learning Foundations: Gaining greater confidence and skill in utilizing more creative flair and impact with your current facilitation techniques; Understanding  the key principles of creative facilitation – Enchantment, Invoking the Imagination, Crafting, Lifeworld Sensibility Building a creative “container” or “generative” space to better leverage the creative potential of the team Understanding and utilizing “concept animation” techniques – how to best utilize creative techniques to animate and bring to light complex issues and concepts Design and implementation of creative programming components for short/long form workshops Embracing and utilizing the creative mediums of arts, nature and culture as a means to build greater vibrancy to your facilitation tool box Creative debrief facilitation – developing the ability to link creative processes and experiences to real world situations and work-place challenges Start Time: 7:00pm on Friday End Time: Noon on Sunday Location: Banff/Canmore area Program Investment: $800.00 + GST per participant (includes lunch on Saturday)
Foundations of Meeting Facilitation- Spring, 2013
Foundations of Process Facilitation- Spring 2013
Foundations of Creative Facilitation- Spring, 2013
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