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Rock Climbing:
Multi-faceted Team Building Activities These highly structured activities require 3-4 hours to complete and are an excellent way to engage groups- small or large (250+) - in a fun activity, while still ensuring learning and team development occur. Our professional facilitators pay attention throughout the session to how the group is working together in order to link insights and learning back to the workplace. - Amazing Chase Using the super-structure of popular televised races and competitions, Pacific Centre for Leadership has designed an engaging team challenge that can be adapted to fit any group’s desired physical and mental capacities.  Working as either one large team, or as competitive small teams, participants race to complete a series of physical and thinking activities, relying on team work, strategy, safety and resourcefulness to achieve the best results!     The activities are designed to highlight communication, innovation, collaboration or other leadership themes a client wishes to explore so that the activity is not only fun, but it provides a genuine learning opportunity for the group.  - Strategic Planning Initiative This challenge highlights the value of utilizing the diverse strengths and resources within the group to effectively plan, and the need to establish a well-developed yet flexible strategy.  Planning Phase:  During phase one, teams develop a plan, set goals and determine strategies to accomplish their identified outcomes.  In this intense period, it is essential for team members to gain clarity and agreement on roles and expectations, communication and leadership. Implementation Phase:  Using maps and compasses, teams implement their plan in a natural outdoor environment.  In the field, teams often need to make decisions and adjust their plan in light of new or changing information. Following the implementation phase, teams review their results and measure their success based on their previously identified goals and objectives.  This highly complex challenge helps prepare teams to succeed in a world of constant change and ambiguity.  - Leading Through Collaboration This challenging session provides an excellent forum for helping teams better understand the challenges and nuances of leadership and highlights the benefits of sharing best practices. Roles can be assigned to select participants, including a CEO,  Senior Management Team, and Observers, all of whom can have important functions — and responsibilities — in the group’s success.  Throughout the activity, team performance is measured and analyzed. The leadership team and CEO hold a live debrief session to strategize for the next challenge and public feedback is given on their performance success by PCfL facilitators and other group members. This fast paced, “live in the moment” session highlights the necessity for clear communication, sharing of ideas, and using the differing strengths of team members to achieve maximum results.
Technical Training and Building the Team:
Successful organizations are comprised of members with complimentary skills and expertise who willingly share knowledge and best practices. Across industries, the sharing of knowledge within a multi-disciplinary team is an effective use of resources. At PCFL we partner with organizations to develop combined technical training and team building sessions.  Valuable and required technical knowledge is focused upon during the day, combined with team building experiences, designed to build trust, appreciation and cohesion. This day of development provides a perfect catalyst for more reliable sharing of information and knowledge back in the workplace - which can lead to better decisions and improved results! 
High Ropes Course:
Team Problem Solving Challenges:
Team Challenges are tasks, puzzles or other problem solving activities that require a team to work closely together.  Team members must communicate to share and develop ideas, make quick decisions, and creatively solve problems. Underlying the seemingly simple nature of the challenges are real opportunities for people to observe and learn about how they personally function on a team and how their team is functioning, and make connections to how they perform together in their workplace. The activities are chosen and designed to correlate to the session objectives and incorporate the natural surroundings of the location.
Our rock climbing sessions focus on developing trust, accountability and communication skills. Participants learn how their personal actions, commitment and encouragement directly contribute to the results of their team members. This session positions teams to take their performance to the next level.  Our rock climbing sites are chosen for their variety of climbs, enabling accessibility for participants of varying fitness and experience levels.  Potential team challenges are:    Climbing and Rappelling:Working in small groups of three,  participants can climb up and rappel down a cliff face.    Stretcher Lower: Teams are assigned the task of lowering a member in a mountain rescue stretcher down a cliff face. The stretcher, guided by two people, is directed by the team members from the easily accessible area on top of the cliff.
Our high ropes courses consist of a series of obstacles constructed approximately 25 feet off the ground. Participants must work together to successfully keep their team member in the air and complete the challenge. Ropes and a harness secure participants as they negotiate the obstacles. The safety rope is held by team mates on the ground, who also provide support and encouragement. This intense experience stimulates risk taking, camaraderie, and celebration of personal and team accomplishments. It is ideal for quickly bringing a team together to build trust, energy and momentum.   PCFL operates our high ropes courses in the following locations:  - The Banff Centre- Banff, Alberta  - Nakoda on the Lake- 20 minutes east of Canmore, AB  - Brew Creek Lodge- Whistler, BC  We also use ropes courses elsewhere, call to discuss.
From 4 to 250+ participants, most can be done both inside and outside 
Everyone is still talking about the team experience you delivered and CEO has used it as an example (of himself as a leader) in a couple of his presentations already!
Karen R. - Leadership & Development Specialist - Human Resources
This is an innovative team building experience that uses the creative medium of audio production to assist participants in communicating personal and organizational values, vision, key workplace messages and new insights. It draws upon the power of reflection and team collaboration.  It honours the value of internal knowledge and wisdom, and at the same time draws upon new and emerging ideas from external sources. A powerful, enjoyable and unique way to help individuals and teams make better sense of both the shifting internal and external environments that they currently work in.
Corporate K9- Team building with dogs:
We are pleased to offer a session using Search and Rescue dogs. This inclusion of ‘different personalities’, with different motivations and expectations and language,  provides a wonderful opportunity to explore communication, our preconceived thoughts, feedback, trust and intuition.  Individuals and teams will come to understand how acknowledging specific skill sets and providing the right kind of motivation and appropriate communication can lead to successful results.  Dogs are accompanied by a handler, are kept on-leash at all times, and participants are encouraged to choose their own level of interaction with the animals. There is no requirement for every team member to interact with the dogs, not unlike bringing a technical expert into the workplace!
Acting like A Leader:
Animating thoughts and ideas about leadership through pictures, movements, and physical use of space can add impact and accentuate your message.  Using a variety of time-tested theatre based methods to accelerate learning and insight, PCFL facilitators can help your team express complex ideas and concepts in a creative and enjoyable way.   A tremendous amount of familiarity, trust, humour, good will and bonding within the group develop throughout.  This session is well suited for groups with a limited amount of time who still want to add something fun and active to inspire creative thoughts and generate new ideas.
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