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Our intensive one to five day custom designed programs are an artful blend of challenging outdoor experiential activities and classroom sessions. Opportunities for in-depth exploration of team and personal effectiveness are presented as our professional facilitators guide participants through: o Terms of Engagement o Vision/Values o Action Plans o Structured feedback for team members
For teams who want to more fully explore their connection need a solid base from which to work have recently merged and need to establish a common culture Our multi day team development programs ensure that teams are well positioned to move forward with clearly identified action steps and measures for successes. We help teams design and commit to structures for learning and development that are realistic and meaningful. Click here for a sample itinerary:        Creating and Leading Hot Teams Leading People Through Change
Inspired by the underpinning belief that better is always possible, Pacific Center for Leadership helps leaders within organizations realize their potential and increase their capacity to lead others. Our programs include conceptual and experiential learning with practical applications to be implementation into your work situation. Our courses assist leaders to: better understand yourself as a leader Learn more about your strengths gain insights into your leadership style and effectiveness identify what it takes to produce outstanding results. Click here for a sample itinerary:   Leadership in Action
Team Development
Leadership Development
Risk and Reward
When organizations consider risk, it is often in the context of risk mitigation; keeping everyone physically safe as well as protecting the financial assets of the organization. Less often do we consider the positive side of risk associated with new venture or changes in behaviours.  This session is an exploration of both the positive and negative aspects of risk, and how different factors affect our levels of risk tolerance and influence  the decisions we make.  Participants will be challenged to think of risk as a driver towards success. The session is not designed to necessarily encourage participants to take more risks, but rather to make their relationship to risk more conscious and intentional. A series of short experiential exercises and video clips animate key points of this session. Combining this presentation with a high ropes course challenge or rock climbing session  is an effective way of linking theory with hands-on exercises involving real and perceived risk.
Dealing with Difficult People
All of us have someone “difficult” with whom we interact with at work, at school, or in our personal lives. This session will help participants gain a better appreciation of the causes of, and solutions to, difficult interactions and relationships. Using a conflict styles inventory to recognize and better understand different preferences for dealing with conflict, participants will be given strategies to work towards conflict resolution.  Along with a better understanding of people’s motivations for their behaviours, participants will also learn more about what behaviours and types are triggers for them and recognize they also play a role- positive or negative- in every relationship they have.  Role play, small group discussions and hands-on activities keep this full day session engaging and grounded in practical application.
Foundations of Facilitation
In today's multi-generational and highly diverse workforce, managers can no longer rely on practices of the past. Successful managers today are known to inspire, support, guide and retain their staff through one of the key leadership competencies - effective facilitation. Strength and competency in facilitation results in a multitude of benefits for the team and organization including: o the ability to leverage group talent and resources to tackle complex challenges  the creation of a highly engaged work culture that thrives in an environment of open communication and rich feedback o concentration on effective negotiating and solution finding   Drawing upon the extensive knowledge and experience of our programming team, we are pleased offer this session that will share our best practices in facilitation, focusing on the crucial role of the manager as facilitator.
Our next chairman
This session can be combined with creative facilitation to create a powerful 2 days -     click here to check it out!
In the quest to develop and strengthen our resilience as individuals and organizations, we often look for models or examples to help guide and teach us.  One of the most powerful teachers is nature. Yet, for many people, accessing that information is difficult.  This session focuses on the lessons that we can glean from the forests and trees. Forests and trees are dynamic and living organisms.  Like people, they are subject to “disturbances;” events that test and develop resilience.  For trees and forests, a most defining disturbance is fire.  Fire can burn slow and low, fast and hot, or any temperature in between.  Like an issue facing an individual or organisation, fire motivates/demands a response.  The response varies depending on the type of tree, the intensity of the fire and the condition of the forest as a whole – just as a person’s response to a disturbance varies according to the individual’s personality, the intensity of the challenge and the condition of the community to which that individual belongs.  Understanding the dynamic of fire and how trees have co-evolved with this important process will provide insights into what resilience means to forests, to you and your organisation.  This outdoor provocative session can be can be combined with a Mindfulness session to explore the personal linkages even further.
Resilient Leadership - Trial by FIRE
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