Doug Leonard- An experienced senior level director with experience in the corporate, public, and not for profit sectors, Doug appreciates PCfL’s experiential methods of getting teams to perform in new and innovative ways to produce better results.  MORE
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Our facilitators bring years of practical experience and a proven track record of skilfully assisting teams and individuals to move to higher levels of performance.
Geoff Powter- Author, mountaineer, clinical psychologist and speaker, Geoff has been facilitating team and leadership development programs with PCFL since 1989. MORE
Marianne Wasch- With a strong background program development and event and project management, Marianne provides administrative and logistical support to both our team and our clients. MORE
Mike Shaw- As owner and senior facilitator with PCFL, Mike lives what he brings to our clients: the desire to achieve through the success of others. MORE
Colin Funk- A masterful facilitator, well versed in the integration of experiential learning with core content, Colin ensures each learning opportunity engages more than just the mind. MORE
Rob Turner- A member of the Association of Canadian Mountain Guides, Rob excels in creating a safe space for our participants; both in a literal sense and by providing license to be curious and try new things.  MORE
Heather Walter- Teacher, trainer, group facilitator, writer and professional musician; Heather understands the importance of communication and encourages participants to connect through creative mediums.  MORE
Cathy Thompson- A true entrepreneur at heart, Cathy provides a wealth of first hand business knowledge and experience to share with clients while encouraging the commitment and courage leaders need to succeed.  MORE
Sue Panning-  Bringing with her a calm, big picture approach to tackling some of the most complex situations, Sue draws upon her years of experience working with diverse groups to assist teams and organizations to grow and flourish. MORE
Janet Miller- A firm believer in the power of people, Janet offers clients the opportunity to see what more is possible when trust and openness are embraced. 
Anne Ryall- Combining a love of all things mountains with over 20 years of experience leading outdoor based team and leadership development programs across North America, Anne adds a solid foundation to our team.  MORE
Christo Grayling- Helping others to discover ways to live life to its fullest potential is the driving motivator behind Christo’s extensive career in team and organizational development. MORE
Barb Hertell- With a background in human resources and outdoor education, Barb recognizes the power of using experiential learning as a metaphor to develop human potential.  MORE
Althea Shaw- An experienced climber, hiker and long distance runner, Althea inspires all of us to keep “doing”, while sharing her knowledge and expertise in our technical set ups and safety systems. 
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Kim Bater- A dedicated community builder with a strong focus on creating opportunities for personal and organizational development through experiential practice make Kim a natural member of our facilitation team.  MORE
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Elaine Broe- Adult educator, program designer and accomplished facilitator. Elaine has a Master’s Degree in Leadership with a focus on supporting employee creativity and change within an organizational culture.
Katrina Donald - With experience as a professional recruiter and a Master’s degree in Organizational development, Katrina encourages participants to draw upon their personal knowledge and experience to set their own path for success.
Kathi Irvine -  After a career in the banking world, Kathi took the bold step to assist other organizations with their business development. Primarily, Kathi focuses on organizational change, team and leadership development and knowledge transfer.