Ask anyone and they are usually able to give you a list of “what’s wrong” with an organization.  A common fix is to address some of the most transparent and “easy” problems.  What takes real courage and commitment is to discover what may not have appeared on the list, and could be the underlying cause of impeding results. 
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In business, nothing is as constant as change.  Some changes are predictable, while others are more abrupt and uncontrollable.  How people within an organization adapt to and deal with change has a profound effect on business results.
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Each person brings their unique talents and perspective to a team.  Knowing each person’s preferences and strengths is valuable information; align people with work that is meaningful to them that they enjoy doing, and great results will occur.
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Are internal conflict, personality clashes and difficult relationships impeding team effectiveness?  Recognizing dysfunctional patterns and accepting responsibility for your part in your interactions with others are a big step forward in resolving workplace tensions and conflict. 
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Having the Right Conversation
Change- The Only Constant in Business
Getting to Know Us Better
Difficult Relationships- Better is Possible
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may we suggest
The Plan Around Strategy
Strategic planning is an important part of every business, but how do you know if you’ve got the right plan, and what happens when the unexpected occurs?
Risk and Results
When organizations consider risk, it is often in the context of risk mitigation. Less often do we consider the positive aspects of risk and how our relationship with risk affects our business decisions.
We’re Better Together- Collaborating for Success
Everyone agrees that teamwork is the key to success, but how do you  engage those who would rather “do their own thing” to enter into the collective arena?
Rocket a team forward
With the speed of business today people are often put together and told to ‘be a team’ - whatever that is! A day or two of setting the parameters for expectations and ground rules can make the difference. Then having time to test those new parameters out in an interactive way can help accelerate the team productivity, which is what everyone wants!
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