Foundations of Effective Facilitation
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Day One: Core Facilitation:   At Pacific Centre for Leadership we have come to understand that the best leaders and managers effectively lead through strong facilitation skills. They listen, they clarify, they support, they encourage, they provide balance; they help ease processes all leading to collaboration conversations and results. They value the knowledge and talents of their staff and provide opportunities for open communication and feedback. On this day we will explore a multitude of core facilitation techniques in an interactive, experiential learning format, building one’s ability to: understand and practice the principles of good facilitation inspire and engage others to action, with creative warm-ups, communication plans & learning contracts understand multiple styles of learning and gain valuable insight as to how people learn and integrate new knowledge ask the right questions in the spirit of exploration and curiosity deal with conflict with confidence, focusing on effective negotiation and solution finding draw out final comments and close a debrief conversation with poise Led by Pacific Center for Leadership, senior facilitator, Geoff Powter, co-facilitated by Kim Bater, this day will feature a variety of interactive modules and small group work.  Participants should come prepared to venture outside for some portion of the day.
Day Two: Creative Facilitation: Creative Facilitation is the ability to inspire a group of individuals to think and act beyond boundaries, in service of achieving more than what was originally imagined, all in a way that sparks the collective imagination into action.  At Pacific Center for Leadership we believe that the best leaders and facilitators are whole-brain thinkers – having the ability to utilize with ease both analytical and creative competencies.  This session will use a combination of time-tested and engaging facilitation techniques from the world of the arts, nature and various cultural practices. This day is designed to assist experienced leaders and facilitators with:  Understand the key principles of creative facilitation – Enchantment, Invoking the Imagination, Crafting, Lifeworld Sensibility Embracing and utilizing the creative mediums of arts, nature and culture as a means to build greater vibrancy to your facilitation tool box Building a creative “container” or “generative” space to better leverage the creative potential of the team Understanding and utilizing “concept animation” techniques – to animate and bring to light complex issues and concepts Design and implementation of creative programming components for short/long form workshops Access to creative facilitation resources – reference materials, DVD’s, podcasts Led by Pacific Center for Leadership senior facilitator, Colin Funk, co-facilitated with Kim Bater, this day will be an extension of the principals covered in Day One, with emphasis on enhancing existing facilitation skills with creative tools and techniques. For more than twenty-five years, the facilitators at Pacific Center for Leadership have helped teams and leaders achieve better results through meaningful outdoor and indoor learning experiences, combined with skillful facilitation and crucial conversations.  Call us now to invest in the human resourcefulness of yourself and your team.
Strength and competency in facilitation results in a multitude of benefits for the team and organization such as:   • the ability to leverage group talent and resources to tackle complex   challenges, and • the creation of a highly engaged work culture thrives in an environment of open communication and rich feedback. Join us for a interactive, hands-on session to improve your facilitation skills and gain valuable experience and confidence in adding meaningful, creative, experiential components to your repertoire. 
Words from our past participants…. I enjoyed the skills and contributions of each facilitator. Nice mix and flow. Very collaborative and joyful experience.   I had a fabulous time and came away with a renewed sense of purpose!  Not to mention all of the great learning and tools that I can now practice applying! The facilitation team are really great, very perceptive and very skilled – it was really, really, really wonderful!   Next open enrolment offering: Spring of 2013. This workshop is also available as a custom offering for your organization. Call us to find out more.
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