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Experiential learning puts theory into practice to get results; it enlivens the senses and engages participants not only with their minds, but with their physical being. Often it is not about more training, it is about getting a chance to use and make sense of the training!  
Whether it is termed corporate experiential learning or experience-based training and development…the more levels of an individual - emotional, imaginative, cognitive, and behavioural - are engaged by a learning experience, the more powerful the learning will be. Jay Alden Conger
Working in the outdoors and other creative non-traditional meeting rooms, invites people to try new behaviours and stretch out of their established patterns.
Our experiential sessions consist of a combination of active challenges and focused facilitated discussions designed to help leaders and teams learn more about their strengths and identify what it will take to become even more effective at accomplishing outstanding results!
Please call us to explore how including active and creative developmental elements to your next meeting or team development initiative will create powerful insights.
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