there is a connection between accountability and results.   We encourage people to shift focus from what is happening to them to what can they take accountability for to positively influence results. there is a connection between doing and learning. Experiential learning provides the opportunity for people to engage on a number of levels; imaginative, cognitive, emotion and behavioral.  The more levels people are engaged on, the more reliably the learning will stay with them.  there is a connection between reflection and applying insights. Accomplishing a team challenge is exciting and rewarding, and we believe real value is found in the debrief conversation which follows. Debriefing is a key ingredient in all PCfL engagements, ensuring participants make sense of their experiences, connecting insights to action and long lasting results.
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pacific center for leadership
Pacific Center for Leadership was formed in 1987 by a collective of five partners, bound together by a common belief in the power of experiential learning to give insight into peoples’ behaviors and enhance learning. Today this belief continues to align our facilitators, along with our desire to integrate the outdoors into our work, and provide meaningful learning experiences, with lasting impact that go beyond “just fun”.
that better is always possible!
there is a connection between the choices we make and the results we achieve. At PCfL we invite program participants to be curious about what it might take to create even better results, to explore previously unconsidered options and alternatives. We help people identify the connection between their choices and the results they accomplish.
there is a connection between trust, risk and results. Developing and building a foundation of trust encourages team members to be willing to risk and experiment to achieve outstanding results.
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