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Advancing the practice and art of facilitation Facilitation Exchange is a community of practice for emerging and seasoned facilitators interested in deepening the impact of their work by drawing from collaborative inquiry and aesthetic processes. The intention of the Facilitation Exchange is to share and explore ideas and practices of group facilitation at the operational, design and strategic levels. The open sessions will focus the practical application of techniques for large and small groups. Facilitation Exchange is a partnership of the Pacific Center for Leadership; Plan:Net Limited – Development planning and management network; and Leadership Development at The Banff Centre. This page has been set up to capture information from the sessions.
Tuesday, February 18th, 2014 Facilitation Techniques for Participatory Community Dialogues by Muhammad Ajmal            Handout:              Document - Participatory dialogues for community development
Presented by: Plan: Net Limited                        Leadership Development , The Banff Centre                        Pacific Center for Leadership
Tuesday March 18th Calgary   Expressive Arts Therapy as a method of workshop facilitation  by Rada Krnjaja and Shirley Lo.   How can we use expressive arts therapy to engage an audience on an issue of significance to them?
Scenario Buttoneering - by Phil Cox  Around the world we have lived with buttons for as long as we have worn clothes.  We can also use them in planning, project evaluation, and in conflict resolution.  
Handouts: Buttoneering PPT
'Systems Mapping' is a facilitated knowledge capture and representation method that creates a 'cognitive graphic' of how a group of experts describes a complex system of interest. The method is used to help groups of decision-makers identify the structure and dynamics operating in a complex set of circumstances as a basis for change.
Tuesday, April 1st - The Banff Centre 
Exploring Systems Mapping by Brian Woodward
Handouts: Powerpoint slides