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Ropes Course:  Our High Ropes course at Nakoda assists participants to build trust in themselves and their team members and to experience the powerful relationship between trust, risk and results. These challenges give participants the opportunity to step outside their comfort zone and into exciting possibilities and unrealized potential. 
Strategic Planning: These challenges highlight the value of utilizing the diverse strengths and resources within the team to effectively plan. They must also pay attention to the need to establish a well developed yet ‘flexible’ strategy - business is like that these days! We have several activities that are highly complex and help prepare teams to succeed in a world of constant change and ambiguity. 
Team Challenges:   These engaging creative problem solving challenges assist participants in developing a greater understanding of how they and their team members can become even more effective. Teams communicate to share and develop ideas, make decisions, and creatively solve challenges in an environment of fun and exploration.
Rock Climbing: Our Rock Climbing sessions focus on developing trust, accountability and coaching skills. Team members provide the essential support for other team members, which requires commitment to ensure each other’s success. It is amazing to see the progression from almost fearing the unknown to being comfortable scaling the rock face.
We offer a variety of unique experiences, from short recreational to focused team development. Some of our options are outlined below. We are experts at customizing the experience for your team. Call us to talk about exploring these OR other options.
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Create an EXCEPTIONAL CORPORATE EXPERIENCE  with Pacific Center for Leadership
Since 1987, Pacific Center for Leadership has earned an  exceptional reputation among corporations worldwide for  our highly innovative experiential team and leadership  development programs. The spectacular natural setting  of Nakoda Lakeside Resort provides the perfect  venue for our engaging, active sessions- both indoors  and outside.  
Experiential  Sessions
Adventure Ropes Course at Nakoda Lakeside Resort
Our Adventure Ropes Course offers an exciting recreational activity on the spectacular site of Nakoda Lakeside Resort. Participants are able to jump, zip, climb and traverse their way through a series of obstacles located 30 feet off the ground.  Different from our team building sessions, this activity offers individual challenge and the opportunity for solo achievement.  Open to families, friends, wedding parties, and other recreational groups, it’s a rousing outdoor adventure activity.   
Programming options
Add value and opportunity to your meetings and conferences by engaging our professional facilitation team to provide: o engaging interactive keynote presentations o creative introductory exercises - which build personal connections and participant engagement o professional facilitation services Call us to find out how we can work with you to design the best meeting for your group- small or large- to add interest, enthusiasm and insight. Your team deserves the best!
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403-678-2230 or 800.661.9400
403-678-2230 or 800.661.9400
Check out on our Adventure Ropes Course Website - Nakoda Ropes
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GPS Challange: Using GPS’s and maps the team and participants navigate to various locations on the Nakoda grounds. At these spots they either retrieve equipment, solve clues or complete a problem before heading to another location! This can either be a competitive or non-competitive activity. Participants have ample opportunity to learn more about themselves and their team, especially their sense of direction! or call us at 800-661-9400 or 403-678-2230