Experiencing geology with a team on the outcrop is more meaningful than
the experience gained behind the desk.
People who know each other and have a shared experience are
more likely to connect with each other in the work place. Through
unique activities we ensure time to interact and get to know each
other even better. This connection leads to collaboration and
sharing of information which is key to successfully exploiting the
knowledge that resides in an organization.
shared knowledge...shared trust...shared success
For the oil and gas industry, the sharing of geological knowledge within a multi-
disciplinary team is an effective way to mitigate geological uncertainty.  Successful
organizations are comprised of members with complimentary skills and knowledge.
Colleagues who trust each other will more effectively share knowledge and best
practices - key drivers to a successful outcome!
In this field trip, an inter-disciplinary group will visit an outcrop of the Cardium Formation
analyse and interpret the geological concepts
discuss the geological uncertainties and their impact on drilling a successful
           horizontal well in a Cardium Formation
experience working as a team to build trust, appreciation and cohesion
explore ways to most effectively share knowledge and best practices back
           at the office
At the start of the field trip we provide a Cardium overview and a
safety meeting. By incorporating the need to watch out for each
other in a field environment, we build the sense of trust that helps us
collectively understand the technical knowledge we learn as the day
Seeing the BIG PICTURE
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