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Foundations of Creative Facilitation
For experienced facilitators looking for ways to add greater depth and inspiration to their work - through the use of alternative facilitation mediums, especially from the creative arts. After this one-and-a-half day program, participants will acquire a broad range of creative tools and processes to expand their facilitation techniques, repertoire and impact. Gaining greater confidence and skill in utilizing more creative flair and impact with your current facilitation techniques; Understanding  the key principles of creative facilitation – Enchantment, Invoking the Imagination, Crafting, Lifeworld Sensibility Building a creative “container” or “generative” space to better leverage the creative potential of the team Understanding and utilizing “concept animation” techniques – how to best utilize creative techniques to animate and bring to light complex issues and concepts Design and implementation of creative programming components for short/long form workshops Embracing and utilizing the creative mediums of arts, nature and culture as a means to build greater vibrancy to your facilitation tool box Creative debrief facilitation – developing the ability to link creative processes and experiences to real world situations and work-place challenges
Foundations of Creative Facilitation
This session is designed as a 2.5 day workshop which can be provided in-house or the next 2.5 day public session is on Spring, 2013 - call for details - note the first day starts at 7:00pm 
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