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facilitation resources
 A collection of resources:
Below are some facilitation resources that we hope you will find helpful, we have!
Brain Gym - resources/courses etc Art of hosting site – resources for facilitators Conferences and ideas  - Applied Improvisation Network Link Tool for large group - decision-making using World café resources Business consulting resources Berkana Institute – community development facilitation Association for Experiential Education - wonderful organization that has many resources for experiential processes, within  organizations, schools and communities. Mind Mapping – mind mapping tools
RECIPE for Opening up a Difficult Conversation - That you may have been avoiding, by Kim Bater The Board Chair – Key to Effective Meetings Processing Questions - an aid to completing the learning cycle
Written resources:
Organization Links and web sites:
Information from session:
Flip chart notes - the flip chart notes from the 2 days PDF of Powerpoint - all the PPT slides from the 2 days (7meg file)
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