Case Studies

Here at PCFL we take great pride in how we work with our clients to ensure a valuable learning opportunity and ongoing success in their organizations. Below are a few case studies illustrating how were able to truly exceed the expectation of our clients. Contact us today to find out what we can do for your team!

Transition to Success:

We received a call from a senior manager whose organization was planning a retreat at The Crossing at Ghost River.  She had been given a short menu of activities we commonly provide for groups staying at this resort, and chose one that she thought would be a good fit for the team of 20 senior managers, directors and executives.

A few weeks in advance of the retreat, we arranged for a phone call with the director of operations and the director of human resources, to better understand how our session would link in with the other components of the retreat. It became evident during our conversation that in place of the chosen activity, a more specific look at the change initiative undertaken by this organization would provide a much needed space for the retreat participants to recognize their success to date and focus on their strengths going forward.

We worked with the two directors to choose an article for pre-reading, created some key questions to pose to the group, and developed an agenda including hands-on activities and process facilitation techniques. The result was an engaging session which allowed for consolidation of this leadership team and provided an excellent high point from which to leave the retreat and bring a positive message back to their teams in the workplace.

“ I can truly say that our experience Wednesday morning was exactly what (we) needed for our group and we felt really good going in to the session after the small amount of preparation we had with you and Colin over the phone. Knowing it was a unique opportunity to bring our team together was a little nerve racking, however, (we) came away from that experience feeling invigorated with our group and feeling like there is hope for us to continue growing as a group. We came away with many tools and valued the document Colin sent to us after the retreat to help our team move forward. All in all, we had a great experience and feel that your Organization provides high quality programming that we anticipate to use in the future. ”                                                                                                    –Director of Operations, Seniors’ Housing

Building Culture:

We were approached by an organization to assist with an outdoor team building activity as part of a three day retreat they were planning for their organization.  We spoke with the VP and the Manager of Human Resources and the conversation shifted from focusing on one afternoon to what we could provide for the entire retreat. Over the next 6 months we worked with the retreat committee and the HR representatives to develop a three day program focusing on maintaining a corporate culture and building on past interdepartmental success.

This organization had grown their employee base by almost 40% within one year and was embarking on a major expansion project. They felt the key to future success was ensuring their new hires felt welcome and aligned with the much valued existing culture.  We developed a structure for the retreat that included an activity for each person to express how they connected to and added value to the organization, socio-grams to share personal histories, some content referencing David Logan’s work on tribes,  and hands-on activities to highlight high performing teams and interconnectedness.  By the end of the retreat, participants felt they knew more about how they fit into the organization and had established relationships to carry them forward into the expansion plans.

“We are really pleased and thrilled with our employee retreat this year. While we are still analyzing all the survey results, we have heard through conversation that this retreat has 'been the best ever"! A lot of that is due to the great planning, work and facilitation by you and your team. We are very happy with our partnership with PCFL and hope that we might be able to work together again!”                                 –VP Human Resources, Capital Corporation, Transportation